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  • 'Inland Plains'
  • Alex Platt
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  • 'Ce Qui Recueille Dans Les Coins'
  • Alex Platt
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  • 'Scars'
  • Alex Platt
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Alex Platt

Artist Biography 

Alex Platt was born in rural New South Wales, Australia in 1983.

Daughter to gold prospectors, her childhood was set to a backdrop of the vast deserts and wild outback of Australia. A desire to express herself and communicate visually was something ingrained in her character from these very early days.

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Following this desire into adulthood, she pursued a career as an artist, choosing to remain a self taught painter.
Platt has now been exhibiting her work throughout Australia in both commercial and government funded galleries, or the past 11 years. Her work also having made it’s way into numerous private collections abroad.
Now living France, her works are evolving as a result. Balancing the two very different worlds of her past and present; that of her raw and familiar homeland and that of the historically and culturally rich nation of France.

Her work is often autobiographical, sometimes whimsical and always thought provoking. A connection with nature is clearly present, along with the later influences of domestic, and urban landscapes.
Working on stretched canvas, her paintings achieve a unique marriage between fine line detail and expressive textural backgrounds, where many layers of diluted acrylic paint create their own movement. Details are subtly highlighted with fine black outlines, each calling forward the beauty of eyes and mouths, bottles and light bulbs, water drops or native birds.

It is an inherent understanding of the beauty in minutia that makes Alex Platt’s work both absolutely arresting and incredibly beautiful.

Artist Statement/Process

I am an Australian artist. I create a surrealistic works in a somewhat illustrative style. I work in acrylic on canvas. I build up many fine layers of acrylic paint, each layer reveals a new level of definition. I like to create interesting contrasts using fine line detail for the foreground and expressive textures and dribbles in the empty space in which the scenes are set.
I use the world and people around me as inspiration for my works. I feel compelled to create scenes that involve unreal poetic representations of the ideas and feelings I experience. Some paintings, however, are improvised, beginning as nothing more than a desire to paint. The concepts of these works often evolve out of the painting process.
My desire to paint stems from an instinctual fascination with an undefinable sort of beauty. I want to tell a story but I don’t want that story to be linear or literal. I want to show a side of myself that is personal, strange and yet unavoidable. It is influenced by the physical world, the world inside my head and the people and things within those worlds.

2016 – April 2016, Rotating permanent display, Holloway Gallery, Moffat Beach QLD Australia.

2016 – March 18, Group Exhibition, Salon Templiers, Ivry de Temple, France.

2016 – Group Exhibition, Le Halle Aux Toiles, Le Salon Des Artistes Independants Normands, Rouen France.

2015(From 2015 to Present) Rotating permanent display, Arts Edge Gallery, Perth WA Australia.

2015(From 2010 to present) Rotating permanent display, UnderArt Gallery, Cairns QLD Australia.

2013 – Solo Exhibition “What Gathers in the Corners”, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns QLD Australia.

2013 – Participating Artist  “One Word, One Day”  Fundraiser for Indigenous Literacy – Australian Society of Authors.

2012 – Group Exhibition The Postcard Show’, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns QLD Australia.

2011 – Group Exhibition “Cairns Emerging Contemporaries”, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns QLD Australia.

2011 – Recipient of the Heather Blaire Memorial Art Prize, Cairns QLD Australia.

2011 – Selected for AvantCard Artist Program, distribution and 30,000 cards have since been circulated Australia wide.

2009 – Solo Exhibition “The Inbetweens”, The Union Hotel, Sydney NSW Australia.

2009 – Solo Exhibition ‘Untitled’ Cafe Newtown, Sydney NSW Australia.

2008 – Solo Exhibition ‘Untitled’, Cafe Bobo, Sydney NSW Australia.

2008Best Local Artist and People’s Choice, Bedford Art Show, Perth WA Australia.

2005 – Solo Exhibition “Does This Screaming Come From Me?”, Warpstanza Gallery, Bathurst NSW Australia.

2004 – Solo Exhibition ‘Untitled’, Zeigler’s Cafe, Bathurst NSW Australia.