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Colin Chandler

Born in 1956 in Maryborough, Queensland Australia. Colin began painting seascapes over 45 years ago – he has been surfing for the same period of time. He paints the ocean from the perspective of a surfer, the moments of fear, exhilaration and excitement.

In 1974/5 Colin trained at the Queensland College of Art at Seven Hills in Brisbane. He does not restrict my work to a single medium. It ranges from highly detailed pen and ink pieces that are influenced by the Ukiyo-e genre from Japan exemplified by Hokusai and his wood cut series, to less restrained acrylic and oil pieces.
Colin also sculpts and completed master class training under Giovanni Balderi (Florence/Italy). He uses Marble, Onyx and Steatite (soapstone).

As a Zen practitioner he embraces the simplicity contained in it and tries to reflect that in his art.

Colin’s work is held in private collections internationally. The band the Beach Boys chose his art as a “backdrop” for their 2016 world tour, appearing in 160 cities.
Additionally the UK based Mezzo Soprano Ms Fiona Kim is also the owner of several of his pieces and Ian Haug from the Australian Band Powderfinger has commissioned a large work for his internationally acclaimed recording studio.

“Waves are the heartbeat of the planet, the ballet of the sea and the symphony of life. They heal, they calm, they exhilarate and they destroy but always with immense beauty”.

Bruce Johnston, The Beach Boys

We chose Colin chandlers COLD WAVE to drift across our large concert screens in 2016 and beyond (so far 150 concerts booked). COLD WAVE will look magnificent! Thanks fo much for visually enhancing our Beach Boys in concert atmosphere!

Fiona Kimm – Mezzo Soprano, UK

Colin Chandler’s paintings have the extraordinary quality of being both bold and vivid and ephemeral. The colours are vibrant and the palette dynamic and unexpected, and there, in a glorious juxtaposition of turquoise, yellow, blue, green, with almost stained glass clarity, the wave hangs in its moment of existence. There are echoes of Hokusai but with vibrant, modern Australian brilliance.

David Cooper, UK

I am the proud owner of a piece by Colin Chandler. He manages to encapsulate the movement and iridescence of large bodies of moving water like no one else I know; you can smell the sea and feel the pull of the surf. If you have ever surfed, dived or sailed you will know what I mean. He captures the sea both as a painter and as a sculptor, which is rare talent.

Chuck Smith, California USA

The light and movement in Col’s work is life in motion. His artwork breathes the ocean.

• Exhibition at Holloway Gallery, QLD Australia

• Artwork ‘Cold Wave’ used as a backdrop for the Beach Boys World tour – shown in 161 cities