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Gabriel Bohmer

Born in 1984, originally from Zurich in Switzerland, Gabriel is now a Scotland based artist who is interested in memory, dreams and the absurd. He enjoys exploring the separation between perception and reality.

His pieces draw on fleeting thoughts to build a narrative of the subconscious. Using minimal imagery and writing, his work is often humorous, sometimes tragic and always approaching the absurd. His collections playfully jump between existential questions and ordinary occurrences. By giving phenomenal and mundane thoughts equal weight, we are offered a complete record of internal discourse.

In 2011 Gabriel left Boston and his job as a management consultant in a global strategy consulting firm and moved to Buenos Aires for 2 years. In Argentina he began dedicating himself to painting, writing and film. Gabriel managed successful Kickstarter  funding campaign for his book ‘Beetle Days’, which he also painted the cover art.

His new book released in 2017 is titled ‘Tomorrow I’ll Go Outside’. In Gabriel’s words ‘a collection of painted stories’

One of his works, Chasing Butterflies, encapsulates his thought on his career change “Though he had thorough understanding of economics, he still preferred chasing butterflies”.

When not in the studio, Gabriel can be found singing growly songs around his hometown of Edinburgh as part of the band Ber.

“I’m inspired by the subconscious  and the idea that we all have a secret narrative that we carry around with us”.


  • Represented by Holloway Gallery, QLD Australia
  • Short film ‘The Singing Gate’ played at the Skepto International Film Festival
  • Dezeen Magazine Film feature – Collage of Sleep Deprivation
  • Exhibition in The Edinburgh Gallery – In A Room
  • Exhibition at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – On The Edge (artworks are supporting a garden designers entry)
  • Exhibition in Holloway Gallery – White Glove


  • Animated music video clip for Ber (band) – Rain
  • Exhibition in The Edinburgh Gallery – Sitting In The Wrong Place
  • Exhibition in The Edinburgh Gallery – Brothers In Arms
  • Exhibition in The Edinburgh Gallery – The Sea
  • Published in The Edinburgh Reporter (Sept)
  • Exhibition in the Edinburgh Fringe – Thunder Road
  • Action music video clip for Ber (band) – As The Crow Flies
  • Published in the Herald Scotland (July)
  • Featured at the Skepto International Film Festival


  • Featured Artist in Artfinder’s Winter Catalogue
  • Exhibition Artfinder – My Hotel Chelsea
  • Artist of the month in October in Ogilvydo
  • Published a book of paintings – ‘Tomorrow I’ll Go Outside”
  • Dezeen Magazine feature piece on music video clip ‘The Singing Gate’
  • Music video clip for Ber (band) – The Singing Gate


  • Published novel – Beetle Days
  • Successful Kickstarter campaign for novel Beetle Days